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Why coconut oil good for hair

Why coconut oil good for hair

Coconut oil is very famous oil which is used for cooking, consuming, skin and hair. Coconut oil has been used as hair oil for thousands of years because of its properties that help the hair strong, nourished, prevent from baldness and excessive hair loss. So, what are the great things about coconut oil to hair?

1. Hair Loss

Coconut oil has been used in ancient times to prevent hair loss. The sage leaves will be boiled in coconut oil and applied to the scalp for keeping healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Besides using sage leaves, a mixture of lime or gooseberries can be used by mixing into coconut oil that can relief hair loss.

2. Hair Damage

The use of coconut oil helps to reduce protein loss that prevents hair damage. The coconut oil is rich in laurid acid which keeps the hair healthy and this fatty acid is easily penetrated inside the hair shaft that can protect it from damage.

3. Cooling Properties

Coconut oil is used as cooling properties as it can cool and soothe the scalp when its exposed to hot sun or help those who suffer from severe scalp sweating.

4. Moisture Retention

Coconut oil has high moisture retaining capacity that can retain the moisture in the hair, thus keeps the hair moist and soft as well as prevents breakage of hair.

5. Hair Conditioning

Coconut oil is a better conditioner for hair than any conditioner sold in the market. Coconut oil helps to keep hair shine and soft. Applied it at night and wash it the next morning. This can be used every few days for healthy, strong and soft hair.

6. Dandruff Prevention

Coconut oil contains three fatty acid which are good anti-dandruff. Using coconut oil can get rid of dandruff forever and keeps the hair and scalp healthy.

7. Styling

Coconut oil can be used as styling oil for hair as it can prevent hair damage from hair dryers, flat iron, hot rollers and curling irons. Coconut oil helps to prevent this type of thermal damage because coconut oil retain the moisture of hair, tames fly away and frizz.

8. Lice Protection

Using coconut oil helps to remove lice on the hair easily when combing and prevent the lice to come back again.

9. Split Ends

Coconut oil helps by minimizing the split ends by combining with almond oil.

10. Grey Hair and Baldness

Coconut oil is also beneficial for preventing baldness and grey hair and helps to nourish the scalp and hair to become strong and healthy.

Therefore, coconut oil is the best oil for healthy and strong hair. It can be used as conditioner, shampoo as well as mask.

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