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Amazing Beauty Secrets with Coconut Oil-

Traditional inheritance skin care methods for you.

Since ancient times, the pursuit of beauty and youth is every woman’s dream. She will try to use variety of anti-aging methods to look young. Using natural coconut oil is definitely the best choice to maintain beautiful skin.


Coconut tree is a plant that grown in tropical countries, setting along sunny beach. More than 4000 years ago, the people from Southeast Asia called it as “kalpavriksha.” While, the Philippines and Pacific Island countries, called the coconut tree as “trees of life”.

Tropical Island

About Coconut Tree

As A Traditional Oil

The indigenous community in Malaysia still using coconut oil to make traditional soaked oil which acts as an essential base oil. In general, freshly ground turmeric or ginger juice is mixed with soaked oil to make skin lotion for maintaining beautiful skin. In addition, coconut oil is good for baby skin as it helps to moisturize the skin. It is also a superior treatment for wound healing. More than thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese medical books have documented the treatment using coconut oil for a least 69 diseases as well as its effectiveness.


Traditional Extraction Method

After the discovery of the extraordinary effects of coconut oil, many people have mastered the simple methods of oil extraction. The first method is where the coconut meats cut into small pieces and boil in boiling water. The coconut oil will be separated from the water. The floating oil on the water is coconut oil. Another method is using coconut milk (also known as “santan kelapa”) and is fermented for 24-36 hours. During this time, the coconut oil will be separated from the water. The oil is then slightly heated for a short time to remove moisture. This medium temperature heating method is called “fermentation”. Using this natural extraction, the oil is fresh and natural.

Our Mission

Daionica® inherits the traditional method to maintain beautiful skin and at the same time continuously carries out the research. Daionica® integrates modern and innovative technology with traditional methods to produce fine coconut essence oil, producing superior quality and producing portable design that contains all in one properties such as anti-bacterial, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing, so that you can enjoy the value of coconut oil.


Daionica® continues keeping the faith to produce pure natural coconut oil skin care products so that more people have a healthy skin and creating a better lifestyle.

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