hair care routine

Before Bath

after Bath


Apply Coconut Essence on the scalp


Massage for 10 minutes


Rinse with Coconut Oil Shampoo with no silicone


Hydrating hair with Coconut Essence for combing

Coconut Oil shampoo


Real healthy hair shampoo makes your hair look dry after hair wash

Stunning fragrant, love it!

No eyes stinging

~ Safe to use on kids ~

No Silicone, No Paraben, No Sulfate

Reduces Hair Dryness, Helps to Slow Hair Loss, Reduces Scalp Infections, Strengthens and Repairs Hair

Coconut Essence

Strenthen your hair with traditional method

Make your hair look healthy and glowing~

Scalp massager

"The SPA" of the scalp

Hair loss, stress & insomnia? The Scalp Massager is so relaxing with 6 massage techniques.

Make your scalp healthier and help your hair grow and sleep better.