Product certification is an assurance to ensure that products are suitable for distribution and can be recommended to consumers who are seeking for quality assurance and safe to consume. Product certification guarantees the consumers that all products meet the quality standards and truly certified. We are sincerely to share the best quality to all the consumers.



The USDA logo that you see on the packaging is to certify that our coconut oil is organic and guarantee that our coconut oil is produced without using any synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, ionizing radiation or pesticides. USDA logos are commonly found on food products but when the consumer sees USDA on skin product, it is to certify that the skin product is organic and is safe to apply on the skin. This is the reason our coconut oil can be used for skin, hair as well as for baby. 

2. Notification Certificate & GMP


Notification certificate and GMP or Good product practice is a system that ensured all the products are produced and controlled according to quality standards. Before the products are putting on the shelf of the market, the products will be tested to eliminate any risk. GMP covers all aspect from producing to packaging as well as the hygiene of the workers and the premises. Besides that, a brief written procedures should be provided as a proof that the product followed the correct procedures and to ensure its quality. All Daionica’s products have notification certificate and GMP that ensured the consumer that all our products are consistent high quality, appropriate for the intended use and meet the requirement of product specification. Therefore, our products are safe to use for all range of age from baby to adult.

3. Halal


Malaysian Halal Certification is certified by JAKIM. JAKIM has very strict requirement for halal certificate applications that requires products to be produced and consumed according to Shariah (Islamic law). Halal certificate by JAKIM is gaining wider recognizing and credibility in the global halal market, both halal certified food and beauty products are readily acceptable by Muslim consumers as well as consumers from other religious. This acceptance is due to the concept of Halal which ensures all products are strictly followed Shariah requirement, but also the hygiene, sanitation and safety aspects are prioritized.

4. Recyclable


The recyclable symbol can be seen on our packaging which means our box can be recycled. Our bottles too can be recycled. We want our environment is green and clean. With this little step, we can make a significant difference. Our products are all biodegradable and can degrade naturally which will not harm the ecosystem and environment.