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Factors of oily skin

Is your face often shiny, your make up easily wash off by the sweats and you can never stop the pimples popping out from your face? If you have noticed your face is often shiny and you easily break out, you likely have an oily skin type or combination skin type. Those who have oily skin type have shiny face and struggle with pimples popping out and hard to get them off. The pores also seem large and noticeable. While, for those have combination skin type will have two conditions appearing on their face. Their T-zone which are forehead and nose are normally oily while, their cheeks and other parts of their face may be dry and cracking.

Have you ever wonder the causes of oily skin?

Do you know that oil on our skin actually plays important role too? Oil is produced by our body to keep our skin soft and supple, but if too much of oil or sebum, it can cause breaks out, pore clog and shiny face. So, why you feel sticky even though at night or in air condition places? Here are some common causes to share with all of you:

1. Hormone changes

Hormone changes are common cause of excess oil on the face. Sebum is produced by hormones called androgens which increased during puberty, during pregnancy and menstrual cycle. During these events, hormones changes that causes androgens spike which cause skin produced excess oil. This excessive oil trapped inside the pore and as a result the pores clog and leads the breaks out, blackheads and oily face.

2. Makeup

Make up helps a girl to become pretty, confident and hide all the acne and breaks out. However, if you fail to remove and cleanse the make up thorougly, you are potentially block and clog the pores. When the pores clog, pimples, breaks out, blackheads and redness are appearing on your face. Makeup irritates the skin because of the ingredients of the makeup which might not suitable for your skin. Most makeup contains oil that leads to excessive oil and dye which can be found mostly in brushes and eye shadows can irritate the skin on your face. So, remember before putting makeup, do skin care routine first and choose the right makeup for your face. Lastly, remember, cleanse your makeup before bed. Do not sleep with your makeup because you will have a red apple face in the morning.

3. Diet

Unsaturated fat, dairy, alcohol, sugar and refine carbohydrates should avoid or eat less because they can cause breaks out, blemishes and oily face. To combat these conditions, eat more fruits, vegetable, fish and lean meat. A good diet with balance meal keep your face glowing, clean and soft.

There are other factors too such as seasonal changes, too much of cell phone and overuse of skin care products can cause oily skin. The main reason of oily skin is because the pores are blocked and clogged. Once the pores become clogged, your skin is unable to breathe. Oil are secreted but waste are not able to release out. As a result, the skin unable to absorb moisture that leads to acne, blackheads and pimples. To combat breaks out of acne, cleanse the face by using suitable skin care to keep your skin fresh, clean and moisturizer.

“Healthy glowing skin are the best make up.”

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