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The uniqueness of Daionica® natural coconut oil products

There are a lot of skin care products in the markets with different flavour, types, price and packaging. But we have one similarity that is to ensure our customers have healthy skin after using our skin care products. So, what is the uniqueness of our products? Let’s us share with you about our organic coconut oil products.

Daionica® Coconut Quintessence Oil

“No one has a time to feel greasy and sticky.”This is Daionica® main concern. We have hold on this principle to provide our customers with the nature organic, best quality and purest form of coconut oil. As we know that, Malaysia is hot country but many people still not aware about coconut oil. They feel worry that their skin will feel greasy and sticky. They also feel worry that the coconut oil will not easily absorb into their skin and also clog their pores. But it is untrue. When applying Daionica® organic coconut oil, you do not worry about the feeling of stickness or greasiness because Daionica® Coconut Quintessence Oil is easily absorbed into your skin. You also not need to feel worry about the dryness of your skin since the oil able to moisture your skin and keep your skin hydrate all day.

Daionica® Coconut Sun Spray Mist

Are you scared of sun burned or afraid to step out from your house during noon time? With Daionica® Coconut Sun Spray, it able to protect you against solar radiation. Daionica® Coconut sun spray not only protect you from sun but also help you to reduce the damage from the sun burned. It is suitable to apply daily and going to the beach. With our coconut sun spray, you not need to feel worry about going to the beach. Coconut Quintessence oil has a soothing effect on burnt skin and reduce inflammation and pain if you got sunburned. Just applied on the area that exposed to the sun or sunburned area. Your skin will be feel calm and sooth after putting on the coconut sun spray.

Daionica® Coconut Quintessence Oil_ Original

Next, Daionica® Coconut Quintessence Oil contains high MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) which gives bonus to our products. Our original Coconut Quintessence Oil contains 65% MCT that includes 57% of lauric acid while our Scented Coconut Quintessence Oil contains 93% MCT that consist of laurid acid, capric acid and caprolic acid. MCT is a form of saturated fatty acid that has numerous health benefit. Hence, our natural Coconut Quintessence Oil either original or scented is suitable to apply on the skin. It is because MCT is easily absorbed into our skin and it has the capability to protect your skin against harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Additionally, MCT contains antioxidant medium that helps our skin looks healthy, young and shinning.

Furthermore, Daionica® Coconut Quintessence Oil is suitable for baby. As we know that, baby skin is tender and soft which easily gets infection, wound and skin diseases. Therefore, our products can help the little angle from any infection, rashes, diaper rash, dryness and eczema. All these skin diseases might bring discomfort to the baby. So, our products can help the parents to soothe and moisture their little angel’s skin. In addition, our natural coconut oil products also suitable for hyper allergies customers. By using Daionica® original Coconut Quintessence Oil, it can help you to reduce the allergies and keep your skin hydrate all day long. It also can protect your skin against bacteria or fungi and heal your wound faster. It is rich with fatty acid that can shield your skin against infection and repair damage. The wounded skin will be protected and the new skin cells are generated on the inside of the skin as the old skin cells on the outside die and shed. Then, you will see healthy skin again.

Daionica® natural Coconut Quintessence Oil has numerous benefits to your skin and these are our uniqueness of our products. Our vision is to provide high quality natural skin care product to our customers and ensure our customers have healthy and youthful skin.

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