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Daionica® Coconut

Soap Bar_ H0

Production: Hot Press ( 30days & above)

This soap very mild and gentle, it doesn’t feel squeaky when used while it is moisturising.

Free of colorance, Free of fragrant & pure botanical oil

Recommended for babies, pregnant women, seniors, people with skin allergies.

Daionica® Coconut

Soap bar_ C1

Production: Cold Press ( 45days & above)

The production process never heat, retains the benefits of natural botanical oil and completes the production in the best and slowest way. 

Recommended for people of all ages.

Specially formulated compound essential oils are added and it exudes a pleasant fragrance.


Daionica®Passion Coco

Mask Sheet  

1 box 5 pcs, 20ml/each

Very effective facial mask that can moisturizing your face

for 3 days. Formulated with coconut oil that retains coconut oil benefits. Good review from 90% users. 

Lifting, Whitening, Flattening

Daionica® Coco

Hand Cream

Absolutely amazing flavor

【Durian Blossom, Coconut Flower, Orchid and Rose】

Malaysia special flavor, most of the customers are surprise with this!

Great moiturizing for your hand and nail

Hand Cream_Durian Blossom_01.jpg
Hand Cream_Coconut Flower_01.jpg
Hand Cream_Orchid_01.jpg
Hand Cream_Rose_01.jpg

Daionica® Coconut

Sunpray mist

PA+++   SPF25

It is not only for sunscreen, but also for hydrating and anti-inflammation. Enrich with coconut oil with great moisturizing.

55% Ethanol+ 30% coconut oil

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