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Coconut essence oil

1 bottle with 6 benefits

Daionica®can replace

80% of skincare routine~


If you want to relax

but didn't want to neglect skincare

The Coconut Essence Oil is great for you


NO need for multiple products

with 1 bottle, 1 drop

you can enjoy 

the nutrition your skin needs

Best Qualtity

​Highly recommended by Japanese magazines for 4 consecutive months


7 years

sold 120,000 bottles✌️ 

5 certificates: SGS,GMP,HALAL,MSDS,KKM

Safe to use❤️


Daionica®coconut essence oil 

5 major benefits​


🔸Dull skin tone or poor complexion


No worries, after 2-3 days of use, the skin feels youthful, soft and translucent. Now the skin tone looks even and feels soft


🔸Coconut Essence Oil contains 100% Medium Chain Fatty Acid - It has strong antioxidant attributes.

It can lighten spot on the face. If you apply it every day, you can basically suppress 95% of spots appearance.


🔸Apply Coconut Essence Oil before bed and the next day skin is still plumped and hydrated!

The fine lines on my face looks 70% lighter in only 2 weeks. Skin doesn’t look so dry, and if use consistently for a period of time, no new fine lines will appear and the skin doesn’t feel like it’s aging~


🔸It has the same attributes as breast milk, and has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


Skin redness due to sensitive skin, acne or inflammation will heal and reduced within 3 days of use.


🔸Strengthen & restore the stratum corneum: 


Thin stratum corneum causes redness. Not to worry now, the stratum corneum can be restored, and it’s not sensitive anymore.

good review❤️

​from our customers

【Some of the good review👍】 

干燥 4.jpg
好评25 用很多年.jpg

Coconut Essence Oil
Is the higher grade 
​It doesn't same as [Coconut Oil]

Daionica® Coconut Essence Oil
is extracted and refined through the fractionated method🔥

Different from traditional cold-pressed or hot-pressed oil.

Coconut Essence Oil is rich in 100% medium chain fatty acids
while general coconut oil is only about 50%

The texture is between [oil] and [essential oil]
Very suitable for our skin and easy absorption


The Essence oil is very delicate

Can penetrate into the skin

​【Non greasy】

【Customers Review】 ❤️

不会油13 好用很香不会油.jpg

Available at

KLCC & Ascen Plus Pharmacy

We are proud to be the preferred

supplier & vendor

at pharmacy and KLCC🙏 

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Ascen+ Gondola_01.jpg

3 flavor

The odor is refreshing and relieves pressure~

🌹 Rose - Light & lovely scent

🌼 Durian Blossom - Very light odor

🌸 Ylang Ylang - Elegant fragrance~

回复_3种味道_Orchid & Ylang Ylang EN.jpg

Daionica®coconut essence Oil

With just 1 drop in the morning and evening

your skin can enjoy repair/anti-allergic/light spots

brightening/removing lines/softening all in just one step~

100% medium-chain fatty acids

which penetrates into the skin to generate

and promote skin metabolism

Helping more than 50,000 customers every year☺️


In order to thanks our customers for supporting us

We are excited to announce


​Gift away package is now available

Order now to get free gifts ~

06_EN_wix官方配套_无 -起价.jpg

🎁 Essence OiL X2

RM260(Original Price RM320)

🎁 Essence Oil X3

RM345(Original Price RM480)

🎁 Essence Oil X6

RM660(Original Price RM960)

Feel free message us for any inquiry~ :)

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