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Mughal E Azam Hindi Movie Full Download gardberb




Asif, Shashikala, and Nanda. The music was composed by Hemant Kumar and lyrics by Rajinder Krishan. It was filmed at the locations of  Benares, Bharatpur and Ajmer. The film's shooting took over three years. Dilip Kumar and Prithviraj Kapoor were at the peak of their stardom. In a film, when a performer dies within 12 days of the release, as happened in this film, it is considered an ill-omen. The film was the last of the Hindi Films for Dilip Kumar and the second last of the Hindi Films for Prithviraj Kapoor. Plot Two brothers, Shekar and Gokul, run a textile store in the British era. They always wear their turbans backward. They spend the day doing textile business and go back home in the evening. One day, a foreign traveler comes to the town. Gokul, wearing a topi instead of the traditional turban, offers the visitor a glass of water. The visitor is impressed by Gokul's manners and appreciates his simplicity, which is unknown to the other Indians. He tells Gokul that the topi-wearing should be proud of the turban which a person with a turban stands for, and that it is the topi which holds the turban. He also tells Gokul that the topi-wearing cannot be with the same turban as the traditional turban wearing people, and that the topi-wearing should be proud of it. The talk has an impact on Gokul. He thinks of the past and comes to realize the ignorance of the people of India and their own strength. He decides to wear the turban as a turban, not as a topi. Gokul dresses in a turban and goes to the Indian government office, where he meets the representative of the British colonial government. He tells him the details of the foreign traveler's discussion with him. He asks for the people of India to be more intelligent and more capable of resisting the British government, which is a colony. Gokul states his brother Shekar's belief that the British rulers are more capable of ruling India than the Indian people are. The representative of the British government is averse to this idea. He calls the wise and old king, Durlabhji. He tells him that the British don't want trouble and want to avoid violence.



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Mughal E Azam Hindi Movie Full Download gardberb
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