Daionica® Flower Scented Coconut Quintessence Oil is fractionated coconut oil contains great MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) that penetrates the skin quickly. This yields the skin elasticity & flexibility. The oil is enriched with Essential Oil. Good nourishing, moisturising & leave your skin free from greasy feeling. This oil remains liquid at cold temperature room. It will become solid below -5 C. Refrigeration is not necessary. The quality will not be affected by temperature change. Dispensed a small amount of the oil onto your palm. Massage in a circular motion until completely absorbed by the skin. Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.


Daionica® Coconut Quintessence Oil benefits:

√ helps your skin to stay hydrate and moist all day

√ Anti aging and helps to fight wrinkles

√ Natural remedy for dermatitis hands and feet


Usage: skin moisturiser, anti-aging eye serum.
Ingredient: fresh coconut & essential oil
Scent & flavor: Ylang Ylang/ Rose/ Lavender
Capacity: 50ml e 1.69 fl oz/ each bottle

Flower Scented Coconut Quintessence Oil_ 3 bottles's pack

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