Maintaining Healthy Pink Lip

Daionica® Coconut Lip Balm is made with natural organic coconut oil derivative without harsh chemical. Hypoallergenic & moisturizing, this lip balm nourishes dry, cracked lips & minimize skin problem such as acne inflammation, yeast & fungal infection. All food grade, the ideal daily lip balm for everyday protection. Apply generously to your lips or skin with clean finger.


Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight.


Health concern: chapped lips, dry skin, acne inflammation, yeast & fungal infection.
Ingredient: natural organic coconut oil derivative, non-toxic & non-allergenic. 
Scent & flavor: coconut
Usage: moisturizing 
Health facts: hypoallergenic
Product form: balm

Capacity: 10ml e 0.34fl oz

Daionica® Coconut Lip Balm_ Single pack ( 1 Lip Balm)

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